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Maximise your brand awareness, increase enquiry numbers and improve conversion rates with our proven self storage marketing strategies.

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Make sure you’re getting the most out of your new and existing customers with our detailed revenue management tools.

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Asked Questions

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Getting involved in the UK Self Storage marketplace does not have to be difficult.

With a strategic approach to both the investment and the overall operational setup Engage can deliver the returns that our sector is becoming known for.

Engage can quickly develop a feasibility study of the proposed location and piece together the right business plan.

Self storage is a simple model that works on the basis of incremental growth. Unlike a hotel, a self storage facility does not experience big swings in occupancy.

On average one would expect a self storage facility to reach cash break even in 18-24 months. The rate of occupancy and revenue growth, however, will be governed by your specific customer base and level of competition.

This is the $1 million dollar question and it all depends on a multitude of factors including size, location, visibility etc.

At Engage we can provide you with a detailed evaluation of your location and take the guesswork out of setting up a self storage facility.

This all depends on what type of store you intend to develop, how big it is and how you want to run it.

One of the benefits of self storage is that there are relatively few cost lines to worry about. The biggest costs are likely to be property taxes, staffing and utilities.

At Engage we can help you build a business plan and maximise your revenue whilst keeping your costs in check.

Engage have taken our storage facility from concept to reality and turned it into a profitable local business.

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