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Engage can provide the skills and industry understanding to make the most of your marketing strategy. With experience in both online and offline marketing tactics we can maximise your enquiry numbers and optimise your operations to facilitate optimal conversion rates.

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When it comes to marketing it’s easy to throw away good money after bad. At Engage we know what you need to do to build awareness and grow your self storage business.


Before you start trying to sell your storage services, it’s important to establish who you are going to target and how you intend to communicate with them. We can help develop a marketing strategy to optimise results.

Maximise return on investment.

Proven marketing tactics.


More often than not, new customers are starting their self storage decision process online. As such, your online presence can make or break your self storage business. We can help maximise your online exposure and encourage online enquiries.

Maximise online brand awareness.

Improve your website performance.


Self storage facilities are regarded as local businesses so it is vital that you are connected to your audience on a local level. We can provide you with the tools to engage with possible customers on both a local and personal level.

Build local awareness.

Work with other local businesses.

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Asked Questions

These are some most common questions we’ve received about self storage marketing.

Self storage is a need based industry so in order to get more self storage enquiries you need to be visible where people are looking.

According to the Self Storage Association’s 2020 Annual Survey, 43% of self storage customers first learn about self storage online.

It goes without saying that it is vital that you have a strong online presence, most importantly on

There are thousands of self storage searches on every month so being visible on the world’s biggest search engines is no longer optional, it is vital if your self storage business is going to attract new customers.

If you would like help improving your Google visibility please get in touch.

It is no longer sufficient to just have a website. Most self storage journeys starting online so your website will often be the first time that a potential customer engages with your company. As such, it is important that your website provides customers with a great first impression and makes it simple for them to perform an action, whether that’s get directions, fill in a contact form or get a quote.

At Engage we believe that websites are the shopfront of the modern self storage business. Yes, you can have a fancy self storage reception but many, many more people are going to visit your website so we think it’s important to get it right! The main purpose of a self storage website is, as far as we’re concerned, to convert website visitors into self storage customers.

Would you like a free website review? Send us a message using the form above and we’ll give you some honest, constructive feedback.

Customer reviews are a very important part of your self storage business. Not only do they provide you with valuable feedback about your customers’ experiences but they also give potential customers an idea of what to expect. There are a number of review collection platforms out there like Feefo and Trustpilot but that’s not where we think you should concentrate your efforts.

At Engage we think that the best place to get customer reviews is on Google, using Google My Business. Not only are these reviews free to collect and manage but they will also contribute to your website’s SEO and Google My Business ranking.

For more information about reviews, and Google My Business overall, please get in touch.

The simple answer is yes. Whilst most online self storage journeys start on search engines, social media often plays a part in the final decision. The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 97 percent of digital consumers use social media to search for products and services
  • 84 percent of people who have access to the internet are also active in social media
  • On average, businesses can increase their revenue by 60 percent or even higher with highly-targeted social media paid ads
  • Nearly 98 percent of consumers choose businesses with a strong social media presence
  • A massive 52 percent of online users say they discover new brands through social media feeds

If you would like more information on how you can use social media to promote your self storage business please get in touc

Whilst online marketing has become vital to a self storage marketing strategy, there are a number of “offline” marketing tactics that still hold value and leafleting is one of them. Whilst it might not return the same quantity of leads as Google Ads might, they do tend to be higher quality leads with better conversion rates.

Leaflets are a great way to build general local awareness (particularly good when opening a new self storage facility) but they work even better when targeted at a specific audience. For example, you can send leaflets to people who have just put their house on the market. Talk about getting your message in front of a relevant customer!

If you’d like any help with your self storage leafleting campaign send us a message and we’ll give you some helpful free advice.

Re-marketing, also known as retargeting, is the practice of showing adverts to customers who have already visited your website. It’s a great way of getting your brand back in front of people who have already visited your website but who haven’t completed an action.

Lots of people get interrupted whilst browsing online so it’s important to try to bring them back because you’ve probably already spent money getting them onto your website in the first place. You can create different rules for website visitors which influence if they see an advert or what advert they see. For example, if a customer has been on your website and visited a page about storage when moving home you can show them an advert about storage when moving home.

If you’d like more information on re-marketing please get in touch.

Engage provide marketing that is performance focused and cost effective.